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Press & NewsFiveWest Ventures Launches Into Market as Entrepreneur and Athlete Match-Maker

FiveWest Ventures Launches Into Market as Entrepreneur and Athlete Match-Maker

CHICAGO APRIL 20TH, 2020: FiveWest Ventures launched today with a micro angel and advisory fund to connect early stage startups to athletes investors across diverse industries including sports technology, food and drink technology, medtech and more. FiveWest Ventures is co-founded by Ahsan Mithani. Mithani is well-known as an early leader in identifying early stage startups that have exhausted the search for funding from traditional angel and VC groups. Mithani’s background as a SEO manager and his venture capital experience from a prior role at a small VC in Northbrook, IL gave him insight into technology business growth in multiple industries.

“The collaboration between athletes and early stage entrepreneurs is potent. Athletes are looking for new ways to invest outside of traditional wealth management advisement” said Ahsan Mithani, Managing Director of FiveWest Ventures.

FiveWest Ventures benefits from a strong background in sports and marketing, with a decade of technology experience and a deep vein of thought leadership. A passionate match-maker connecting young, purpose-driven entrepreneurs fueled by a long-term mission to change the process of fundraising for the better. The incredible opportunity behind athlete funding is that it creates an enormous pool of opportunity. FiveWest Ventures looks for early stage entrepreneurs that have a passion for driving world changing technologies.

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